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Web security must be at the forefront of all of our minds today. There are daily headlines in the press about cyber attacks on different types of institutions from Facebook information being hacked, to bank account details taken, and numerous other examples, sometimes on an international scale.


The technology of hacking and the security defences employed to combat it is ever evolving, and it is within this climate that you need to be sure that your own website defences are up-to-date and working to the standards of best practice

In the light of this it is prudent to ensure that any cyber security company you employ to carry out security checks on your website works with you in a way you can understand and meets the highest possible standards.

Let Verasseti Web Security Help

There are generally two types of cyber security companies:

  1. Those who just perform testing and only leave you with the results of penetration testing and security audits
  2. Those who help you address the issues which have been found.

Here at Verasseti, because we are developers, we can appreciate the problems you have. Like many other companies we can undertake the testing, however, instead of leaving you with a list of security issues to resolve as they would, we can work alongside your team to address the issues to make the site as secure as possible, or if you would prefer we can undertake the remedial work for you.

It is difficult, when you have a security check, to make sense of the technical data in the report and to understand what you have to do about it. The testing company will also probably provide an expensive quote for the work needed. Verasseti will not do that to you.

Verasseti’s Cyber Security Services

The Verasseti Health Check Security Audit

We can undertake a full security audit of your business, help you to understand the implications of the results, and also help you to take the next step to make your site safe.

Penetration Testing

A penetration test of your website is a crucial part of a security audit, but it should be seen as only one part of the audit and not a satisfactory security check in itself. Penetration testing is fine, but it is virtually out-of-date as soon as it is completed. This means that tests need to be performed on a regular basis. We can run penetration tests on your web applications, but we also advise on other measures that can be taken to improve your security.

Verasseti Security Audit

A full cyber security audit is key to providing the information which will lead to your site’s security. Security is not just about server settings. Our audits cover all the key areas that need to be addressed to prevent your website becoming vulnerable. These include having all the current security patches installed, software fixes, password choices and ensuring that your staff are aware of the positive security actions that must be put in place both within and outside the office. We will look at your password strategy to ensure that it is sensible and workable and at a number of other such issues as part of a full audit of your hardware and software from a security standpoint.

Our Holistic Approach to Security

We recommend a holistic approach to your cyber security. Correct workplace practises and staff awareness of security issues are vital to the security of your site. In addition to awareness within the workplace, security beyond the office walls should not be neglected.

Why Use Us?

We will provide you with a cost effective security service.

The quality of our testing is second to none, and we are constantly keeping up-to-date with the latest information on security through our membership of professional bodies, and through the work we do in developing secure applications on a daily basis.

Because our main business is in designing and building bespoke websites, we are ideally placed to identify and advise on the practical steps to take to make your site secure. We understand the security issues from both points of view, tester and tested, since as well as providing advice to clients we have regular penetration testing on our own Framework and are audited by the BSI to ISO 27001 standards.

We don’t believe in baffling our clients with technical jargon; if we undertake a security check for you we will provide a report that you can understand and we will make sure that you know the problems and how they need to be resolved.

We are different from most companies which carry out penetration testing in that we have both the ability to advise on fixes, and will also carry out the work for you should you wish it. We can also carry out the security work on your website if you prefer to employ a third party company to do the actual testing.

Key Advice

The key advice that Verasseti can offer to you is that you should take the issue of security very seriously and act now. Security is not a one-off exercise, it is something you should be thinking about all the time and attending to regularly. If you don’t have the expertise to deal with security in-house seek out a reputable and reliable company that can do the work for you.

Whichever way you decide to update the security of your website please make sure that you do it as soon as possible.

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