Choosing the right software development company for collaborative & long-term projects


Mistakes can be costly and making bad choice of company to develop your software can affect your business. Let us help you avoid common mistakes in making your choice of software company.

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How to Write a System Specification


What is a System Requirement Specification (SRS)? Do you need one, and if so who should write them and what should they contain? We lay it all out for you in an easy to understand way.

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The Differences Between Microsoft SQL Server and MYSQL


If you are thinking about a relational database management system (RDBMS) for your business needs you have to take Microsoft SQL Server or MySQL into consideration. Why is this and what are the key differences?

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Benefits of Bespoke Software


Computer software technology is continually evolving, and if software isn’t kept up to date this can cause problems. What are the signs that you need a revamp and which is best, building in house or outsourcing?

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Spiral Software Development


The spiral model is a systems development life cycle (SDLC) model used in software development. We look at this in detail including the advantages and disadvantages of this approach and when to use it.

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Bespoke Software Definition


In the tailoring world bespoke means a higher level of expertise has been utilised and hands-on construction applied. What does it mean in a computer software sense and what are the key benefits for your applications?

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The Waterfall Model In Software Engineering


The waterfall model is a software development methodology strategy which relies on following a set sequence of actions from top to bottom in the form of a waterfall. We explore what this means in practice by looking at its various implementations.

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How exactly should a business prepare for GDPR? We have established a process for guiding companies through the pitfalls, which comes from our experience of working with a number of companies on their GDPR preparation over the past year.

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Rapid Application Development (RAD)


What is Rapid Application Development (RAD), when is it deployed and what are the pros and cons of this approach. In this article we look at the evolution and application of RAD in software projects.

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Iterative Software Development


In this article we explore what iteration means in an information technology context. Including what iterative design entails and how the methodology can be used to your benefit for your software project.

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The Risks In Agile Development


What is Agile Development and what are the pros and cons of adopting this approach for your software development project? In this article we examine the risks of an agile approach in detail.

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Web application security for software development companies


How do we differ from other organisations that perform security testing? In this article Verasseti director – James Percy explains the importance of testing and how our approach is different from the industry standard.

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What is Open Source and why should developers consider this route for web applications?


Open source is software that is freely available for individuals and businesses to use, modify and enhance e.g. Java and Linux. But why should you choose Open Source and what are the benefits in software development?

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Ignore Web Security At Your Peril


eb security is a hot topic on-line and in the UK media. Are you really at risk, or does it only effect larger websites? We examine the risks in detail and make recommendations in this article.

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How Pharmaceutical Companies Can Increase ROI from a Minimal Software Spend


We may not currently be in a recession at the moment in the UK, but a strange unease still lingers. In this context we examine the benefits of investing in the right projects that could be a quick win for your business.

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